6.4 oz

The Better Chip Spinach and Kale with Sea Salt.  It's all the fresh spinach and kale we chopped and put into our double thick, all-natural corn masa. Then we lovingly dusted it with a bit of sea salt. So green. So thick. So not afraid of any dip. All of our Better Chips are all natural and certified gluten free. They are made with fresh ingredients and are Non-GMO verified. Each flavor is made in a completely nut-free environment and are all vegan friendly except for Sweet Onions with White Cheddar seasoning. All chips are made on a line dedicated to only tortilla products. Each chip is made with 40% fresh vegetables including spinach and kale, putting the flavor inside. Our special double corn masa blend produces a heartier chip that is perfect with salsa, dips, guacamole or as a stand alone snack.

Spinach and Kale-The Better Chip