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The Fresh Food Factory is a social enterprise that offers and engages low-to-moderate income residents of the Greater District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) in varying facets of the food and farm industry from growing, preparation and packaging, training to retail exposure that will increase the quality of their professional, financial, and nutritional welfare...


Our Mission

The mission is to empower underrepresented and undercapitalized entrepreneurs by providing them with a one-stop farming, food processing and distributing hub that equips these foodies with the essential resources to operate a successful healthy food venture.

Our Vision

The vision is to uplift the Greater DMV communities through a thriving food hub that will support a major increase in the number of local foods and local food businesses...

Our Objective

The overreaching objective is to increase the availability of local, ethnic, healthy and affordable food products and food-related retailers throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

Our Philosophies 

"The best way to employment is to own your own business and the best way to know what you're eating is to be apart  of the process"



Retail Market

The Fresh Food Factory (FFF) Market is a retail incubator market that better serves and services Ward 8 as a catalyst for food equity and economic development.  It is the FFF Market’s mission to improve the health of underserved residents through enhanced food access and education, and the wealth of under capitalized business owners through enhanced industry specific education and business sales. 


In an effort to make sure that every household has access to healthy and ethnic foods no matter their socioeconomic status, The Market sells affordably priced local products that are made with ingredients that are nutrient rich, organic, non GMO, vegan, gluten free, and/or are made with other options that are ethnically infused. To ensure that everyone can make more informed decisions as it relates to their diet and overall health, The FFF Market provides nutrition, culinary, and food safety training. This training is complimented by workforce exposure, industry specific education, and sales platforms for aspiring and existing food related business owners and operators.  


Farm & Kitchen restructuring

Currently we are working to secure a certified kitchen, and to reinvigorate our urban agriculture consist of raised bed urban farming. The FFF is working to activate our shipping container farm that will use next-generation indoor agriculture techniques to grow the equivalent yield of five acres of conventional outdoor farming each year. The process uses 80 percent less water with no harmful run-off and prevents exposure to pests and diseases.

This process, called "Controlled Environment Agriculture," allows us to grow 365 days per year by taking the same plants that grow outside and putting them in perfect growing conditions. 


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