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Our Story

Amanda Stephenson life’s work of “leading others on the path of good health through food” was inspired by her dad’s health transformation journey and her growing up on a farm in Southern Virginia. Her father was unfortunately diagnosed with advanced cancer when she as at the age of 10 and he given only a few months to one year to live. Determined not to accept this initial prognosis, he set out to make significant diet and lifestyle changes. He removed ice cream, processed meats and heavily salted foods from his diet and replaced them with vegetables and regular exercise. In just a few short period of time, he was able to increase his life expectancy from one year to approximately 18 years. This transformation made a profound impact on Amanda’s view of faith, focus and foods overall but it also made her consider how limited access to better foods can drastically affect one’s wellbeing and longevity. 

In 2002, Amanda moved to Washington DC, then laid her roots in Anacostia – which happened to be a food desert. The USDA defines food deserts as parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables and other healthful whole foods and she saw firsthand the areas very limited healthy food options. Inspired by her father’s transformation through fresh foods and other significant life battles with food, she knew it was on her to do something about it, and so she did. In 2016, she started with a health food prep space and the FFF's urban farm programming with the Virginia State University and several local farmers. In 2019, she opened the very first healthy, local and ethnic retail food store in southeast, Washington DC.  


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